Gay Harrisburg: Pride on the Susquehanna

Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg, is about more than politics. It's a lively town on the shores of the Susquehanna River. Though it has a population of under 50,000, Harrisburg is a small town with an urban feel and plenty to offer. Harrisburg's central Pennsylvania location make it ideal for visiting Amish country, historic sites, local museums and the ever so sweet neighboring town of Hershey.

Though somewhat socially conservative, Harrisburg has an above the national average gay population and is quite gay friendly. There is a gay chamber of commerce, several proud clubs and a regional pride celebration. Though Pennsylvania has yet to pass a statewide anti-discrimination law, Harrisburg is one of only a handful of cities to pass a gender identity anti-discrimination.

The Midtown district is emerging as the heart of this scene, particularly the 3rd Street arts district where many galleries are housed. The Midtown neighborhood is also known to house a sizable amount of Harrisburg's gay community.

Harrisburg also features plenty of dining options. Second Street is known as Restaurant row and offers tons of great options. But there are other places spread out across town, including Midtown and the Capitol District. The Capitol District is where you'll find most of the gay nightlife as well.

Restaurants to check out